Reclaim is a water-conservation campaign with elementary to middle school children as the main audience. Parents are the secondary audience because they will need to get involved with their children. It is agreed that the Earth will grow hotter and drier every year, and this campaign would be a good initiative to teach our younger generations the importance of saving water as it will become the most valuable resource.

This campaign branches out from a website to social media to outdoor advertising. The goal of Reclaim is to spread awareness and to save as much water as they can.

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Children explore their world through mobile devices, commonly tablets to play games and watch videos. They ask a lot of questions or look up something, especially after they saw something they couldn't comprehend at first. This would be a perfect learning opportunity for them to understand about using Earth's most valuable resource.

Having a water-conservation website made for children would be challenging because they have a short-attention span. This is especially arduous considering we need to compress a great amount of information down to a few sentences.

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