Traveler's Tea

Traveler's Tea is a tea business which functions similarly to Teavana. It sells its tea online and in grocery stores. It also has physical locations in malls for which they serve a tea-house type of experience.

While coffeeshops are popular in America, Traveler's aims to break the mold with the young generation as the target audience and making tea cool with its earthy, vintage design after the Age of Discovery period. A sustainability statement in aspects of its business would also attract the young generation.

Traveler's Tea Packaging

Traveler's Tea Branding
Traveler's Logomark Sketches
Traveler's Tea Logotype Sketches

Traveler's Tea Mood Board

Traveler's Tea Front Door
Traveler's Tea POS Display
Traveler's Tea Apron
Tea Room
Tote Bag

Traveler's Tea Postcard
Traveler's Tea Postcard Front

Traveler's Tea Website Mockup
Traveler's Website Prototype
Traveler's Tea Mobile Prototype
Traveler's Tea Mobile Mockup


User Case Study

The young generation sees electronic devices as an everyday necessity, and these devices play a role in their gaining information and making decisions.

Nowadays, people like to get things done with a few clicks. On the website, they can easily order teas they want to drink and reserve tearooms.

Traveler's Tea Loyalty App Mockup
Traveler's Tea Loyalty App Prototype

Loyalty Card App Sketches

Loyalty Card App Process

The long-term goal is to keep them coming back to purchase teas or to have an enjoyable experience at one of their tearooms. Traveler's Tea Loyalty Card app serves that purpose. Its reward system allow customers to get more from purchasing their products.

We all like deals, especially young people. Traveler's Tea Loyalty Card app can make them repeat customers.

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